Monday, 2 April 2012

So the big question is? Weather?

Will it Snow?
Will it Rain?
It might be Dry
Then again it might not.
It is what it is I guess.
Will it be cold.

This means I will be taking all my different tyres and all my cycling clothes. Even all the Assos 851 winter kit that I put away a few weeks ago thinking I'd never be wearing that again until Autumn.
I remember racing at Easter a few years ago when it snowed in Surrey. I was doing a road stage race and it was snowing but not sticking on the road.
We raced in very bitter conditions and about 2/3 of the way through the race I had snow building up on my head tube where it was catching on my brake calliper. That race ended well for me as I got 3rd on the stage and 2nd overall.
Snow in Scotland might just top that. I've always said I'm not tough enough for the Strathpuffer 24hr race.
Lets hope I'm tough enough for this weekend.

I'm bloody glad I bought myself some Goretex shorts

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