Sunday, 15 April 2012

Left My Legs in Newcastleton - Circuit Race Report

That was one painful race for me 
So I'm in London this weekend working as I have a lot to do on my project. Managed to nip out for a long lunch and race at Hillingdon. Nice tailwind out from Central London to give me a pleasant warm up. Legs felt pretty good considering I'm recovering from a 24hr Solo. The race was a different matter. I though I'd sit in an try and help my team mates Amrit and Ralph out a bit. Well I was useless as expected. Shouldn't have bothered. Would have been better going for a quick spin. During the race I thought I'd test out how bad I really was. Legs gave up the moment I showed my nose to the wind. I popped off the front in an attempt to bridge to break not that far up the road. It was something I would have been able to do easily two weeks ago. Didn't do much in the race really just hung in there.

I did try and take my mate Alex up to the front but we were stopped by a near crash. Always a bit sketchy in a 3/4 circuit race

Ralph had a good attack on his own. shame no one went with him. After a break of 4 and then two went away he got 2nd in the bunch sprint after leading it out from the final bend. The lad is getting stronger. Amrit had another solid ride. I just rolled in at the back of the bunch.

Big rest this week. I don't thing I will be racing at the Chipper World Cup Round 2 at Hillingdon on Tuesday night. Never Say Never though. I'll probably ride (knowing me)

BC Report

UK Cyclesport Pics

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